Hey Beautiful ! Welcome to the one stop shop for sexy sassy and sophisticated fashion . My name is Rashida, founder of Sashay Kouture and I consider myself a fashion connoisseur! I’ve always been the shy type and on the quiet side …but baby when it came to dressing up …I was always locked and loaded !  Fashion has always given me a way to express myself! My fashion sense stems from my hometown….Miami! A bright party city where women  love to flaunt their beautiful curves .

And girlllllll I love to flaunt my curves lol!!

     But as time progressed and I became a mom and stepped into the corporate world … I had to switch my style up. I went from “show them what you’re working with”  to sophisticated sexy!


     I decided to open Sashay Kouture because i could never find a boutique that had the perfect balance between classy and sexy. Things were either too revealing for my liking, or too covered up with no type of sex appeal.


So to get rid of my frustration I decided to open up Sashay Kouture…. A boutique that allows modest women to stand out and still feel sexy yet elegant!

The Sashay Kouture woman doesn’t just walk into a room… She Sashays… she is sexy, cool, confident in herself and comfortable in her own skin. She isn’t a slave to every fashion trend, but she’s not afraid to try something new.!!